Whether you have already decided on making Phuket your next travel destination or are still making up your mind about it, read this guide. Learn all the things that you can possibly see and do in this beautiful island country in Southeast Asia.

How to get there

Because Phuket is now a prime tourist destination in the Asian region, many direct and connecting flights from different countries are now available. If ever you’re having trouble catching one, just take a plane to Bangkok and transfer to a local flight that fly you to the island of Phuket.

What to see in Phuket

Enlist yourself to a guided tour of the island so can get the most out of your trip. But if you opt not to do that, here are the top spots that you should consider taking a personal sightseeing trip to:

1 Phang Nga Bay

Even if you don’t test its waters, this beautiful and very unique bay in Phuket can provide you with the calmness and serenity that you need. Its emerald green waters and limestone cliffs are simply breathtaking.

2 Wat Chalong

A trip to Thailand isn’t complete without checking out its sacred temples. And Wat Chalong is the most important one in Phuket. Thousands of tourists visit this temple every year. You should too.

4 Big Buddha

Thailand is where you will see the biggest and the most magnificent Buddha statues. If you’re in Phuket, there’s one built on top of Nakkerd Hills. That one stands 45 meters high so it’s really enormous.

 Phi Phi Island

When it’s time to head for the beach, don’t miss Phi Phi. It’s the most beautiful beach not only in Phuket but in all of Thailand. No wonder why it is well loved by Hollywood stars as well.

What to Do in Phuket

After all the sightseeing and the beach hopping, be sure to add the following activities into your itinerary. Doing them will surely complete your Phuket adventure.

1. A nighttime escapade to Bangla Road

Phuket is a popular tourist destination because it’s not only a beach lover’s paradise but an island of fun and partying as well. So when the dusk comes, head on to Bangla Road and share some excitement with the locals.

2. Watch the FantaSea Show

You’d be surprised that there is a Las Vegas-like show happening here in Phuket. This particular one’s filled with trapeze artist, elephants, and pyrotechnics. It is a circus filled with amazing stunts and colorful costumes.

3. Muay Thai

Thai boxing is starting to get really popular. Would you like to try this sport while here? You can very well do so in Thailand’s specialized gyms. And if you want to enjoy a live fight, go to the Saphan Hin Stadium. That’s where all the good fighters are at.