It’s the only place can fulfill your shooting & enjoyment. We taking pride of the Family Atmosphere’s club here in Pattaya city. One of our staff said that “We teaching every single person who’d like to practice shooting a gun even old men, young men, women, daddy, mommy or any others whose age at lease from 18 years old are welcome to our international shooting range. All year round, our established customers and new customers are could be able to try a various kinds of the favorite pistols or rifle of as many as different such as .22, .38, .45 and even for 9 mm. with ammunition and automatic target distant adjustment.

We are understanding that the importance of the quality in our spacious 19 shooting lanes which including of the demonstration room and the ear protectors. We also very proud of ours expert instructors that would please to welcome all Thais and foreigners as our membership. Of you really wanted to try or prove our words. Please contact us at anytime.


Pattaya International Shooting Range is the only indoor, located on Pattaya 2nd road at the Pattaya Sport Bazaar building (Ground Floor of the Tiffany’s Show)