It’s very nice to travel to other places, like Thailand for example. However, if it is your first time here and you’re unsure where to go, better travel with a group. As they always say, there’s safety in numbers. Realize that there’ll be scammers anywhere you go. In Thailand, the ten most common ones are:

1. Fake gems

Thailand is a country of beautiful gemstones. That’s true. But the ones that are sold on the streets or in shaggy stores are not likely to worth anything. Don’t be fooled by the salesman talking about all the money that you can make if you sell them outside the country.

2. Taxi scams

It is quite easy to pay for so much more than what you have to for a short taxi ride. In Thailand, all taxis have meters. However, some drivers are in the habit of estimating the fare instead of using it. To be safe, try to hail a taxi only from your hotel or a reputable restaurant.

3. The place is closed scam

There are many temples and tourist spots worth seeing in Thailand. However, some scrupulous individuals will stop you in your tracks saying that the place is closed. If you believe them, then they will lead you somewhere they can scam money out of you.

4. Fake police

There could be times that somebody who looks like a policeman will approach you and tell you something about an offense you committed. They may demand your passport and then ask a lot of questions. If you are sure you didn’t commit anything, just stand your ground.

5. Timeshare scams

Most of the scams in Thailand are all about extracting a few dollars from your wallet. The timeshare scam is no different. A friendly young man will ask you to join a promo or something. Then you’ll win. But to get the prize, you’d have to listen to some timeshare pitch and will be forced into buying.

6. Overpricing scam

Don’t think that only the public transportation can extract a good amount of money from you. In Thailand, you’re always at the risk of buying something overpriced, especially on the streets. So if you’re planning to buy anything, be sure to ask reliable people first how much that item is really worth.

7. The vehicle rental scam

If you’re renting anything in Thailand – be it cars, bikes, or jet skis, be sure that you do so from a reputable company. And it’s important that all dents and scratches are accounted for. Otherwise, you’ll pay for all them when you return the car.

8. Tea shop or bar scam

Many lovely women in Thailand love to meet foreigners or at least have a small chit chat with them. If you bumped into a young lady who asks you to join her for a drink or a cup of tea, you better make sure that you have a lot of cash in your pocket as your bill can go up a hundred bucks.

9. Bus scams

If you were forced to ride a bus when what you really want to do is board the train, that’s already a scam. And in the bus, be careful with your belongings. You might lose some of them along the way.

10. The free private show scam

With the many secluded bars and clubs in Thailand, the prospect of enjoying a free private show will appeal to many men. However, always remember that there’s nothing so good that can be free. Never learn that lesson the hard way.