Chinese Temple, called as the local people. Anek Kusala Sala (Viharn Sien), or Ta Pu Yie in Chinese. It is was constructed in 1988 years under the guidance of Sanga Kulkobkiat. His Majesty the King granted a 7-rai plot of land in the Wat Yansangwararam Royal Project in Chonburi province for the temple.

Viharnra Sien means “Gods living place” and Anek Kusala Sala “multipurpose pavilion” The complex was built at a cost of some 220 million Baht. Viharn Sien was constructed for the Thai-Chinese population in the region. It was officially opened by His Majesty the King as a Royal Project on 24 December 1993. The exhibitions and decorations housed within are designed to represent a harmonious blend of Thai and Chinese art and culture. As well as a place of worship, Viharn Sien is also a museum – the Chinese government provided over 300 display items to Mr.Sanga for permanent exhibition.

Other items were given by the Thai community and from those overseas. The entrance fee to Anek Kusala Sala is 50 Baht per person, except for priests, students and government officials in uniform who are granted free entrance.